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A producer group that combines the skills of recruiters and producers to maximize the income opportunity to all members. Developed by LTCi industry leaders for any agent that deals in the pre-retirement and senior market.

Our mission statement:

    1. To offer our member agents the opportunity to earn more income than they could through a normal brokers contract by combining the talent and skills of producers and recruiters allowing each member to concentrate on what they do best.
    2. To provide that opportunity for higher potential income to all levels of agents from agents that sell only four policies a year to agencies with sub-agents, regardless of size.
    3. To offer memberships to any agents who desire to join without regard to experience, past production, age, race, location or present situation to make the opportunity available to all.
    4. To offer training and support from experienced industry sales and training professionals to help members gain the skills they need to generate top earning potential.
    5. To offer this opportunity while allowing members to continue their current position with little or no interference.
    6. To accomplish this all without having any up-front fee or monthly costs for every member.
    7. To help members accomplish and achieve their dreams of building an agency and higher income by using high ethical standards to generate an elite level of respect in the industry for both A2 and its members.

That’s the Power of Two.  Agent and agencies joining together to increase the potential income and opportunity to each member.

No smoke – no mirrors – an opportunity with an iron-clad guarantee (see presentation).

Start Building your Income